Exhibition Preview | China International Industry Fair



China International Industry Fair

Sep. 15-Sep. 19 2020 | Shanghai, China


Location: National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai)

Date: Sep. 15-Sep. 19 2020

Booth No.: E226


China International Industry Fair (CIIF) has created a convention and exhibition model that is mainly offline and supplemented by online. The exhibition opened 9 professional themed exhibitions, 1 forum for cooperation between the ministry and the city, several industry development forums, online exhibitors’ activities, and experience of highlights and special events. The trinity of IoT, digital, and intelligent connections in the overall picture of the manufacturing industry chain has a high-level layout, empowering the improvement of the real economy, and building an integrated platform for supply and demand on the upper, middle, and downstream of the industrial chain. Digital, networked and intelligent development scenarios and closed-loop industrialization show that new models, new technologies, and new formats of the industrial Internet will drive traditional manufacturing to a digital industrial future where people, machines, and things are fully interconnected, enabling sustainable development.



Metal cutting machine tools, metal forming machine tools, special processing machine tools, numerical control systems, digital display devices and machine tool electrical appliances, machine tool parts and auxiliary equipment, abrasives, cutting tools, fixtures and related products, inspection and measuring equipment, production automation, process Automation, electrical systems, industrial automation information technology and software, micro-system technology, clean energy boiler replacement and energy-saving transformation technology and equipment, air treatment and flue gas purification technology and equipment, clean machinery and equipment, safety production technology and equipment, water treatment Technology and equipment, industrial Internet, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and big data, edge computing, Internet of Things and sensing technology, communication interconnection, security and information security, entrepreneurship and innovation, smart city, digital factory, nuclear power technology and equipment, wind power Technology and equipment, power transmission and distribution equipment, power communication and information, electric energy measurement and power management, grid height and automation control, other electric power, electrical equipment, power supply equipment, energy-saving vehicles (passenger vehicles/commercial vehicles), new energy vehicles (Passenger vehicles/commercial vehicles), new energy buses, key components of electric vehicles (batteries, motors, electronic controls, etc.), infrastructure and related supporting products (chargers, charging piles, battery exchange devices, etc.), and electric vehicles Relevant smart grid technology and equipment, complete industrial robots, system integration applications, core components, service robots, special robots, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the educational system, and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the three major national scientific research institutions, including the enterprise and science and education systems. There are three sections, mainly exhibiting the scientific and technological innovation achievements of enterprises, scientific research institutions and universities and colleges, including innovation and science museums, university exhibition areas, Chinese Academy of Sciences exhibition areas, industrial design innovation exhibition, navigation industry and application exhibition, and new materials exhibition areas


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